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This collection consists of about 24, five inch by eight inch cards, documenting the arrival of Jewish immigrants, both individuals and family groups.

Inthe Family History Library microfilmed the 21 boxes of arrival cards onto nine reels of microfilm. The microfilm images are available for online viewing at the FamilySearch. More than a dozen different pre-printed and jewish formats were used, essentially similar in the information requested, although few cards are completely filled in. Most of the records have names, age, date, ship name, recent permanent address, and destination.

Occasionally a card will have follow-up jewish added to its back. There is ample evidence within the records that the cards were not contemporaneous with the actual arrival. Many cards were filled ask well jewish the fact; some as many as 35 years later. Not all the arrivals came to Boston by ship, nor did all arrivals get to Boston itself. With such a large number of cards, there are examples to contradict nearly dating assumption that might be made about what the records contain.

For example, the assumption that the cards record only persons needing HIAS aid appears to be contradicted by finding US citizens living in Boston and arriving with sufficient funds to get home; it is unlikely that they needed help from HIAS. Although the microfilmed cards are substantially in alphabetical order, the alphabetization is far from perfect. There are two five card groups for the arrival of families named Stone, but the groups are 85 card apart in the microfilm, with Steins and Steinbergs following the first group of Stones, rather that preceding it.

A number of cards are wildly out of order, probably due to misfiling, but also due to the reversal of first names cards last names, or to family members with different surnames traveling together. Two entire boxes of cards with more than arrivals each were microfilmed out of sequence, exchanging places in reels 2, and 2, This database is an index to the microfilms, not an index to each arrival card.

There are a total of 16, entries indexed, including both individual and family arrivals. Families are indexed in the database once. Counting cards family members, there concerns about dating police officers a total of 29, individual names in this database.

Some cards are microfilmed more than once, some names have alternate spellings filed in more than one place, and some arrivals have more extensive information, requiring more than one data entry.

Arrived: The date given on the card and usually, but not always, coincides with the date the ship docked. Ship: The ship names, about entered on the card, often abbreviated, misspelled or mistyped, e.

Amsterdam, N. Amster, N. Amst, N Am. One funny songs about dating the other may be present on the card. Destination: contains the person s and place s where the immigrant is headed.

The surnames listed in this field are also indexed and are searchable. What do christians say about dating Family: Names and ages of family members traveling together but with different surnames, e.

These names are also indexed and are searchable. Microfilm: The microfilm number at the Family History Library FHL where the record is to be found; one of the nine microfilms in the table above. The record itself may not be in the expected alphabetical order. Sequence : The database has assigned an dating "sequential cards to each arrival within a microfilm reel.

About number allows a researcher to estimate how far into the reel to go when looking up the full record at the microfilm machine. This feature is especially useful when the record is out of alphabetical order, witty quotes about dating is contained in a file box that about microfilmed out dating sequence.

Even then, to find a record of interest may require a good deal of back-and-forth scanning on the jewish. As with many other immigration records derived from handwritten sources, the accuracy of names and places leaves a lot to be desired. Clerks wrote what they heard and later, HIAS typists typed what they thought they saw, making numerous typographical errors in the process. If you find a record of interest in the index and want more information: Repeat the search for any additional names appearing in your record.

The same destination name may also be indexed on another arrival card, often with another spelling. View the image of dating original card itself on microfilm. The card may contain additional dating. View the passenger manifest for the ship. About U. If you make a useful find, please e-mail me, David Rosen, at rosens rcn. Contemporary Boston city directories identify railroad ticket agencies owned by Harris A.

Edmond J. All rights reserved. JewishGen Databases.

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Also, please note that some dates listed are for the evening when the holiday begins as indicated. Hebrew name means: Lots. Celebration of a narrow escape from genocide described in the biblical Book of Esther. Pronounce it: Poor-im. Some Jews also eat other foods with things hidden inside, like dumplings, other sweets and goodies, and alcohol. Activities: On Purim we read the Book of Esther, wear costumes, eat triangular cookies and other treats, and use noisemakers.

This is a minor holiday in that there is no traditional obligation not to work. Symbols of Jewish Holiday: Masks, costumes, noisemakers called graggers, hamantashen. Purim Greeting? Happy Purim! Read more: Our Purim Resource Page includes videos, activities for children, booklets and more.

Hebrew name means: Pesach means Passover. It refers to Exodus , when God passed over the Israelites. Passover celebrates God liberating the Israelites from Egyptian bondage and is probably the single most theologically important holiday in the Jewish calendar.

No pressure. The holiday lasts eight days, though some communities may celebrate only a week. These include things like matzah balls, gefilte fish and sponge cake. Cookies and cakes made out of nuts, like macaroons, are also big on Passover, as are candies that follow the special rules of keeping kosher for this holiday.

Symbols of Jewish Holiday: Matzah, lambs because of the historical Passover sacrifice , eggs, horseradish root, salt water. Passover Greeting? Hebrew name means: Dedication. Hanukkah is an 8-day holiday that commemorates the Jewish recapture and rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem in BCE. So Hhhhhhanooka.

When is it: Starts the evening of December 22, , December 10, , December 28, Jewish Holiday Foods: Fried foods, especially potato pancakes, called latkes, and jelly doughnuts called sufganiyot. Activities: The main observance is lighting the candles in a ceremonial lamp called a hanukkiah or Hanukkah menorah. Playing with a top called a dreidel is another fun tradition.

Hanukkah is a minor holiday in the sense that there is no requirement to abstain from work. Symbols of Jewish holiday: Menorah, candles, dreidel. Hanukkah Greeting: Happy Hanukkah!

But the most important holiday of all is…. Hebrew name means: Sabbath—though the English word actually came from Shabbat! A day of rest and enjoyment at the end of every week that religious people undertake in imitation of God, who rested on the seventh day of creation. Pronounce it: Shah-baht. When is it: Once a week! Shabbat lasts from 18 minutes before sundown on Friday until an hour after sundown on Saturday evening.

Jewish Holiday Foods: Religious Jews try to eat especially delicious food on Shabbat, so if you are having Shabbat for the first time, the rule is yummy. Activities: Shabbat begins with the lighting of candles. There are special synagogue services and blessings to say at meals.

The point of Shabbat is not to work. Whether one is a strict constructionist or a loose constructionist, Shabbat is a great day to hang out with family and friends, eat a lot, take walks, study Torah, sing songs, read stories to children, take a nap, and just generally chill out. Symbols of Jewish holiday: Candles, hallah, wine, flowers.

Shabbat Greeting? Shabbat shalom, which means peaceful sabbath. Yiddish speakers say gut Shabbos, pronounced goot shabiss. Hebrew name means: Head of the year—idiomatically, New Year. A solemn holiday beginning the calendar year with repentance from sin and the hope of renewal. Activities: Many Jews who never show up to synagogue the rest of the year go for the marathon of synagogue services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

At home, a special activity is eating apples dipped in honey. Probably the most important activity associated with this holiday comes between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur: trying to repair relationships and make apologies for bad behavior in the previous year. Hebrew name means: Day of Atonement. A fast day of prayer and collective confession. Pronounce it: Some say yohm kee-poor, and some yohm kipper. Activities: In addition to all the negatives involved in fasting—not eating, not drinking, not washing, not wearing leather, not having sexual relations—there are a lot of things to do on Yom Kippur.

Mainly there are a lot of traditional prayers and things to read in the synagogue. Symbols of Holiday: White clothing, sneakers worn with dress clothes because of the prohibition on leather. The more targeted greeting for Yom Kippur is Gamar hatimah tovah—a good completion to your inscription in the book of life.

Hebrew name means: Booths or tabernacles. The singular is sukkah. In ancient times when the Temple stood in Jerusalem, this was a pilgrimage holiday to celebrate the harvest. In our time it still coincides with the harvest. Pronounce it: Some say sue coat and some say sukkiss. Activities: Before the holiday, communities and some individual families build a sukkah or hut in the back yard or on the back porch.

The sukkah is open to the elements. During the holiday an important activity is eating in the sukkah. There is also a ritual involving blessing and waving the etrog—a citron—and the lulav—a palm branch bound with myrtle and willow. Symbols of Holiday: The sukkah, the lulav and the etrog. Hag Sameah Happy holiday with a heavy gutteral h at the beginning of the first word and the end of the second.

Read more: Sukkot and Simchat Torah Resource Page includes videos, booklets, blessings, articles and more. Hebrew name means: Rejoicing in the Torah. At the end of Sukkot, there is one more holiday to celebrate finishing the reading of the Torah scroll for the year and starting it over again. Pronounce it: The ch in Simchat is one of those heavy gutteral ones. Some say simchas to-rah instead. Starts the evening of October 10, October 9 if Shemini Atzeret is observed , September 27, September 26 if Shemini Atzeret is observed Jewish Holiday Foods: No specific special food, just more big sumptuous meals.

Activities: This is a synagogue holiday with another really long service, but in the middle of it, people get up, process through their building with the scrolls and then dance with them. The more traditional they are, the crazier they get with the dancing. In some congregations the assembled people unroll the Torah scroll and stand in the middle of the parchment before they start the cycle again. Symbols of Holiday: The Torah scroll, flags that children carry, dancing people. Hag sameah Happy holiday with a heavy gutteral h at the beginning of the first word and the end of the second.

When the Temple in Jerusalem was still standing, Jews offered the first fruits of their trees on the Shavuot holiday. The trees had to be at least four years old, and this date was for figuring out the age of the trees.

You could call it the official tree birthday. Another practice is to plant trees. Symbols of holiday: Trees and tree fruit Greeting? There is no official greeting for this holiday. Hebrew name means: Holocaust day. Europeans commemorate the Holocaust on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Jan. After some debate , the Jewish community as a whole agreed on the 27 of the Hebrew month Nisan, since it was during the period of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, an act of Jewish heroism and resistance, but still falls after Passover.

Pronounce it: Yohm ha-show-ah. Activities: Because this is a new holiday, there are no traditional activities. In many Jewish communities, there are commemorative events. Some light special yahrzeit annual memorial candles. Symbols of holiday: Memorial candles, yellow stars of David, images of the Holocaust.

Hebrew name means: Independence day. In order to make this political milestone into a religious holiday, Jews decided to tie the holiday to the Hebrew date, Iyar 5. Jews outside the Land of Israel also celebrate this as a holiday. Pronounce it: Yohm ha-aatz-mah-oot. When is it: April 29, , April 15, Jewish Holiday Foods: Where Jewish communities hold fairs or other big events, this is a good time to get falafel and other Israeli foods.

Activities: In many U. Some religious Jews add celebratory liturgy to weekday prayers.

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